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Learn Transcendental Meditation on Your Own step by step

Transcendental meditation is a form of meditation where you repeat a mantra silently in your head twice a day. It can help reduce stress and anxiety and has several other health benefits, making you happier and healthier. With a bit of practice and a good mantra, you can learn transcendental meditation easily.

Part 1 Performing the Meditation

1- Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths.
Try to breathe slowly without focusing on your breathing. You want your body to feel relaxed.

2- Repeat your mantra to yourself silently.

When you’re repeating your chosen mantra, you don’t want to do this verbally. Speak the mantra in your mind without moving your lips or your tongue. Repeat it slowly, without rushing through it.
The purpose of your mantra is to give your mind something to do so that you can begin disconnecting from your thoughts, so try not to focus solely on repeating your mantra.

3.Allow thoughts to come into your mind if necessary. 

It’s okay if your mind wanders and you star…